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DayStar IS a dream - a living dream...

DayStar is many things to many people, one of those things being the fulfillment of a dream. A dream that is seeing light and hope come into the lives of the Native People that DayStar serves. A dream that is seeing godly Native leaders raised up to show the people in their communities that there is a God who loves them personally, deeply and passionately.


DayStar is a place - DayStar is known as a stakeholder in Wiikwemkoong, with a Community Center in the heart of the reserve. All are welcome at the DayStar Center where people of all ages come together to strengthen friendships and and access programs to promote healthy, wholesome lifestyles with a strong spiritual foundation.


DayStar is summer fun - Aay camps in many communities in the mid-north of Ontario provides a full summer schedule. In Wiikwemkoong Adventure Clubs and special events are added summer programs.

Impacting Native People in Ontario with God's love


After a decade of mobile ministry in the mid-north of Ontario, the work was named DayStar Native Outreach establishing headquarters on Manitoulin Island at Wiikwemkoong in 1998. DayStar was incorporated as a non-profit charitable corporation in 2009, the CRA issuing a charitable organization status, and in 2010 was issued a 501(c) 3 in the States.


The DayStar Community Center operates in the heart of Wiikwemkoong. The administration office is found in nearby Manitowaning at the DayStar House. This facility is used as a training and resource center and houses interns and occasional guests.


The initial summer ministry has spread from Manitoulin’s six reserves now to eighteen Native communities. Volunteer teams consistently serve from summer to summer.   Some staff have become involved with fly-in reserves in the spring and also a fruitful ministry in the Sudbury jail.

Overlooking beautiful Manitowaning Bay and Wiikwemkoong, on the opposite shore, stands the DayStar House.  The interior of this gracious 


DayStar Community Center


Office Hours:

Monday-Thursday . . . 9am - 4:30pm

Friday . . . 9am - 2pm

2495 Wikwemikong Way

(705) 859-2640


6 Nelson Street

Manitowaning, ON P0P 1N0

(705) 859-2510

DayStar House

home is completely renovated, while the goal of finishing the exterior is the fall of 2020.  It houses a host family, volunteers, interns and guests.  This lovely residence is the base of operations and exists mainly for the purposes of training workers, housing resources and the administration office for the expanding work of DayStar. 

Hats off to the volunteer work teams who have spent, and are spending, countless hours of concentrated labour creating the functional and attractive rooms in the house.  Also, to our generous donors who granted the funding, Chi-miigetch (a big thank you) for making this project a reality!

Blessed by Chief and Council, in June of 1997 the doors of the DayStar

Community Center opened with a new initiative on the Wiikwemkoong Unceded Indian Reserve on Manitoulin Island, Ontario.  Under the auspices of DayStar Native Outreach the center provides for spiritual, social, emotional and physical needs and refreshment of Wiikwemkoong's band members. 


The DayStar Center is a safe and happy place where people of all ages gather for social times, programs, activities, events and celebrations.  Some folks drop in for coffee and visits while others come to check out the clothing depot assisting many families with seasonal clothing needs.