DayStar Staff

Trustworthy staff are chosen for their good character, skills, ability to work with particular age groups and their commitment to Creator God.  We at DayStar are dedicated to impacting Native people with God’s love and helping them grow in their spiritual journey.

Shirley Hamilton - Director

Bernie Prinzen - Assistant Director

Elizabeth Prinzen

Cheryl Peltier

Linda Teague

Lue Mahaffey

Greg Froese - chair

Chris Borrink

Lisa Pitawanakwat Friesen

Elaine Hope

Renzo Mueller

Dorothy Prinzen

DayStar Board

DayStar US Board

Dean Luurtsema- Chair

Craig Tucker 

Cynthia Gandolfo

Andrea Ohlman Kaboos

Ruth Klein

Anthony Pennings

Barbara Pennings

Dawn Vandelden

Steven Vandelden

Tanya Pangowish

Daniel Pheasant 

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