Healing Hearts Transforming Nations

April 21-24, 2024

Fair Havens, Beaverton, On

Immersive Healing & Reconciliation Workshop

This three-day workshop aims to equip Christian leaders to be agents of healing and reconciliation. A combination of interactive teaching, group sessions, ministry times and participant interaction are used.

The workshop seeks to bring healing and reconciliation to communities suffering from division and hatred.

People from differing backgrounds are invited to encounter God and one another at heart level.

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Testimonials from previous workshops Attendees:

“The basic principles of The Healing Hearts Seminar was easy to understand for me. I realized that many of the teaching resembled the Healing Circles of Native Spirituality. During one of the sessions, we wrote our personal hurts and experiences and personally nailed this paper to a literal cross on the floor in the classroom. 

Immediately in my spirit I heard, “It is finished.”

Later that evening before bedtime, a word came to me: I responded to any potential need of life on the cross 2000 years ago. When I bowed my head, and declared “It is finished”, it applied to you also, Sheldon. Enter into the finished work of the cross. You are not disqualified. You are not excluded. I haven’t left you out. I am not measuring your moral excellence or spiritual quality as a condition of answered prayer. In the cross, you are validated. In the cross, your prayers are accepted as authentic and genuine.”

I can see how a workshop like this could help transform others in communities around Manitoulin Island. I believe it would be worthwhile bringing Healing Hearts here for other believers in healing on their journey. 

Sheldon (attended February 2023 workshop in Michigan)

“I really enjoyed the exercise we did called “Standing in the Gap”. 

During this exercise, Barbara, who was representing Canada and settlers, gave such a meaningful apology to First Nations people. I think that’s what I really needed and that exercise really stood out for me. It really helped me to release something and to forgive my country.

The theme of the workshop really came true for me that, we’re all God’s people. We don’t have to be separated by our cultures or individual people. We are just God’s people.”

Paula (attended February 2023 workshop in Michigan) 

Use promo code: “DAYSTAR” to save on your registration


Healing Hearts Transforming Nations Panel on How to Heal From Systemic Injustices

Host Erik Delange sat down with George deVuyst, Joseph Nyamutera, Reggie Smith, and Barbara Pennings for a discussion on the Healing Hearts Transforming Nations workshop. It was a rich and powerful discussion about the power of God to transform individual hearts and, through that process, lead our nations in reconciliation. Panelists spoke from their contexts in the USA, Rwanda, Kenya, and Canada to hear about how God’s healing is at work in each of these places.