Summer Outreach

During the summer DayStar partners with churches and volunteers from all over Ontario and some from the States to reach 18 reserves with God's love.

Each summer volunteer teams, monitored and trained by DayStar, fan out to many reserves in the mid-North of Ontario.  These teams serve Native communities by providing day camps for one week, and in some locations, up to a month.  These have become a highlight to hundreds of children and youth.  A varied program can include arts and crafts, music and drama, physical activities, events and a program of spiritual development.  There’s also hang-out time to make relationships with new friends and to build on older friendships.  What’s more enjoyable than summer fun?!

In many locations a Ladies’ CoffeeBreak program is held during day camp hours. A circle of women gather over coffee and treats to share, do craft projects and enhance their spiritual foundation from the Word of God. These circles have become significant in many lives and result not only in personal growth but to strengthen families.

Men’s programs and events are held as announced – i.e. ball games, fish frys, etc.

"DayStar puts a covering over our children when it comes to our community.  The children bring that cover home and it gives peace"

                                        -From a Community Leader

"DayStar is the best thing that has happened to our community."

                                -From a Tribal Police officer

"As soon as the snow disappears in the spring my daughter continues to ask, 'When is DayStar coming?'"

                                -From a Mom

"Our community loves DayStar.  What you do for us is to lift us up, give us affirmation and give is a model we can learn from.  You give us an “I can” attitude.  Three words come to mind:  Trust, Belief and Hope."

                                        -From a Chief