Daystar 2019

Team Leaders Summit!


  • Blanket Exercise

  • Training Sessions

  • "Your Time" - Sessions of beneficial interactions with other team leaders

  • Inspiration

  • Cultural Education

Place: Rexdale Alliance Church

            2459 Islington Avenue

            Toronto, Ontario

Dates: March 15-16, 2019

Cost: Partnering Churches - $300 (This covers two church representatives. For additional attendees $40 for Friday                night, $70 for Saturday).

          Individual Attendees from Non-partnering churches - $150 per person

For inquiries as to summer schedule and reserve contacts, email Anthony Pennings at

For registration, payment, and financial matters contact Linda Teague at

For other info, guidance, etc. contact Shirley Hamilton at

It's that time of year again! Time to gather together to hear how God is moving, gain new insights into the Anishinaabe culture, share new ideas with each other, and lift up each other, and those we serve, in prayer.

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