Please note that many programs are cancelled due to COVID-19. Please Call the DayStar Centre for up-to-date information on the programs.

Welcome to Giizhigaanang - DayStar Community Centre


Located in the heart of Wiikwemkoong, Giizhigaanang is an inspiring place for social activity, programs and events.  It is a happy and safe environment for all ages where love, understanding and encouragement abound.  Here we focus on equipping and training Indigenous people with the knowledge and skills to grow in the faith, affecting change in their personal lives and communities. This is where healthy lifestyles and relationships, character building and real spirituality are built into lives. 

There’s something for everyone; women, men, children, teens and of course our elders too! Different programs and events take place at DayStar all year long.

The Following are DayStar regular programs that run from September through to June. 


Ladies Programs

Ladies Morning Break: Ladies come into the centre for a time of fellowship and fun.  We start things off right with a light breakfast and engaging conversation  Each week there is an activity and also a time of spiritual enrichment.  And the best part is there is childcare available.  

Ladies Night Out: You won't want to miss our Ladies Night Out.  There is fun, games, crafts and lots of food.  Hosted by the staff ladies most months, we enjoy coming up with new themes and dressing up for the occasion.

Kid's Programs

Afterschool Drop-In: During the school year Daystar hosts an afterschool program, for Grades 2-5.  We play games, sing songs, do crafts and lots of fun activities,  and of course learn about our Creator and His love for us. 


Youth Programs

Xploryrz: DayStar also hosts an afterschool program for grades 6-8 afterschool.  It's a place to learn new skills, play games and answer questions about God, the Bible and Life.

Games Night: Highschoolers are welcome to join us for games and a time of learning about God

Men's Programs

Hungry Man's Breakfast: Where the natural and spiritual man are both fed. All the men are invited out for a hearty breakfast and a time of sharing from God's word.

Men's Soup Lunch: Gather for a time of fellowship and soup. 

Elders Program

Elders Tea: Every month we gather together with the elders of our community to for an afternoon of food, stories and laughter.

Caregiver's Program

Caregivers and Tots: This is a program for everyone who takes care of children ages 0-6.  Whether you're a mom or dad, grandparent, or foster parent, we invite you to join us for a time of fun interactions with your little one, as well as a time to learn and be creative while our staff cares for your little ones.