“And they sang a new song with these words: You are worthy to take the scroll and break its seals and open it. For You were slaughtered, and Your blood has ransomed people for God FROM EVERY TRIBE AND LANGUAGE AND PEOPLE AND NATION. AND YOU HAVE CAUSED THEM TO BECOME A KINGDOM OF PRIESTS FOR OUR GOD and they will reign on the earth.”
Revelation 5:9-10

This is DayStar...

to bring the life changing message of the Gospel of Jesus to our Native brothers and sisters so they too can join in the great chorus around the throne, worshipping the Lamb. We are message bearers, living in relationship with our Indigenous peoples, calling them to Jesus, discipling them, and encouraging them to reach their communities with the life-changing message of Christ that they are experiencing.

DayStar's mandate is to impact the communities of Ontario's Native communities with the love of Christ, by carrying the whole Gospel in personal and practical ways.

How to be involved

There are many different ways that you can be involved with the life-changing ministry of DayStar. 

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Devotionals by craig tucker
Craig Tucker


My wife made a deal with me years ago. It went something like this, “I found some wallpaper I really like.  If you put it up in our dining room, I promise, you will never have to do anything to that room again.”  As you can probably guess, the day came when she said, “This

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Craig Tucker


I was away on a trip to Manitoulin Island with a friend. I love going to see people who have become so very important to me . . . but, I have a hard time leaving my wife, Lynn behind during those trips . . . and this trip was no different. While I was

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Craig Tucker


I don’t know why, but I’m intrigued with old episodes of “Deal or No Deal” on TV. In the game, the contestant picks one closed briefcase from 26 numbered cases that are displayed in front of them. Inside each case is a number representing money amounts, from one penny to one million dollars.  The chosen

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