These are our awesome staff that God has brought together.

Pray for them and reach out to learn more about their ministry areas and what DayStar looks like through their eyes.

Tanya Pangowish

DayStar Center Manger _ Wiikwemkoong


My name is Tanya Pangowish.  I live in Wiikwemkoong, Ontario and I have three wonderful children.  I grew up here and am the oldest of three children.
When I was growing up, I always looked forward to summertime, because I was able to attend the DayStar Children’s camps that were held here in Wiikwemkoong.  I always had a great time, as the people who ran the camps were so kind and friendly.  As I got older, my mother would attend the DayStar Ladies’ programs, and I would often tag along.  When I was old enough to attend as a mom and young woman, I started going to the programs more regularly.  It was a happy place and again everyone was so kind and friendly.  I always looked forward to going even though I was shy.  It really helped me to meet other ladies and get out of my comfort zone.  My children have attended the day camps as well.

I started working at DayStar doing Community Placement, which is offered here in Wiky through Ontario Works.  It is seventy hours a month, doing three hours a day.  I took advantage of the program for two years, from September to June.  My two older children were in school, and my youngest was in daycare.  I then did Employment Placement, which is a year-long program, which gave me full-time employment at DayStar.  I worked mostly in the Clothing Depot and kitchen.  I had a great team to work with and learned a lot.  I was able to get an extension after the first year.  By the time my contract ended, everything had shut down for Covid, in 2020.  After a year off, I was asked to come back to work for DayStar for a six-month contract from February 2021 to September 2021.
I really enjoy working at DayStar.  The staff are great to work with, I am learning a lot about office administration, and by also being involved with the programs here, I can meet a variety of people in the Wiky area.  I am no longer as shy as I once was and feel that I have come a long way in my personal growth and ability to fit into many work situations.  

Sheldon Migwans

Greeting my name is Sheldon Migwans. I am a father of 5 and came to know Jesus as my Lord in 2008. I became involved with DayStar in 2011 after one of the DayStar summer camps. Together with Anthony Pennings, we have been serving the M’Chigeeng community spreading the love of Jesus to those who He leads us to. God has given me a passion to serve those who struggle with addictions. As I join the DayStar Staff, I will be able to focus more of my energy and time on the community around me. Part of my role will be to mentor others in their faith, plan and develop outreach opportunities, and work on developing a united Body of Believers in M’Chigeeng. Thanks so much for your willingness to partner with me to serve my community and neighbours in M’Chigeeng.

Elizabeth Prinzen

Bernie Prinzen

DayStar Director