The moments that are shared throughout the week over woodworking, crafts, and yes, even a warm bowl of soup – are more than “something to do”. Those moments are what DayStar is about.

Those moments are connecting with the same people every week and having those heart conversations that only happen around a delicious bowl of something warm that fills the stomach or creating something beautiful with simple supplies.

Note from the director:

Memories are a funny thing – to me, it’s not so much the “looking back” but seeing the future against the backdrop of where we have already been.

“How much you have changed!” “Wow, isn’t it amazing how God has directed our footsteps!” – all with the perspective of new changes and exciting journeys in the days ahead, that God has for us. 

DayStar is in that place – we have grown through these past years, in the process of refocusing on where God is leading us as we have relationally engaged with many in the first nations communities over this past year. 

We “remember”, so God has the opportunity to encourage our faith to take more bold steps into this coming year. 

We are excited in planning together with you, to become more closely attached to the native communities that God has given to us, to share Jesus’ love, and see lives transformed with the light of the Gospel.

– Bernie & Elizabeth Prinzen 

When you hear the words mission or missionary, what pictures, thoughts, and word associations come to mind?

DayStar seeks to be creative in our interactions with all of our native communities – “living” with them to share the love of Jesus and the claims of the Gospel!

One of the vehicles Anthony has been given, is the Kenjgewin Teg School in M’Chigeeng. It is an Ontario-accredited Anishinabek post-secondary place of learning. Here he interacts with students regularly, sharing in quiet conversation, walking in Godly character, being the “light of Jesus” as he instructs.

This is an awesome place of learning, but more importantly, an awesome place to build credibility in the lives of many young people – a platform to share Jesus and the transforming Truth He brings.

As one of the students says, “he’s an awesome guy… God-given hands in carpentry”.

Please pray

  • Pray for Anthony that God would direct his paths as he moves amongst the students.

  • Pray that the students would be open to “Jesus conversation”.

  • Pray that all the DayStar staff would be sensitive and open to the opportunities that God places in our journey each day to share His Gospel.
Ride for Refuge & Giving Tuesday fundraising recap:

Thank you!

So far, your generous donations have raised $14,527 for our 2022 fundraiser!

You may never be able to travel up to Manitoulin Island and participate in person, but you ARE able to continue the work that is happening with your financial donation. Your kindness has meant that our Native staff will be able to pour into the lives of those around them, without the need of raising funds on their own, so they are able to keep the focus on what is in front of them – relationship building.

Being connected to the fabric of the community brings unique opportunities to share the truth and love of Jesus Christ and we want to see that continue.

We have an opportunity together to care for our native staff as they commit themselves to sharing the love of Jesus within the context of their own communities – being the “translators” of the Gospel.

They are bringing LIGHT in the darkness, HEALING to the broken, and FREEDOM to those in bondage as they live out the love of Jesus in their community.

Our campaign for Native Staff funding is ongoing.

If you would like to direct your giving to see us reach our goal of $30,000 for this calendar year, we would be deeply appreciative. 

Summer recap

Cake decorating at the daystar centre
team from birch island
wood crafts at sagamok
wood burning paddles at the youth campout

Is anybody else addicted to the cake decorating shows? 🍰

Over the months of July and August, the DayStar Center in Wiky became a bake shop where students perfected the art of cake decorating.

It was a great opportunity to chat shoulder to shoulder, share Jesus’ love, and, enjoy the love of sugar together.

Karen enjoyed leading the days, out her skills developed in her culinary classes within the Kitchener high school. It was a moment that she truly loved, sharing this new skill with the younger Wiky community.

2 Corinthians 5:14 – “For Christ’s love compels us…”

At the end of the day, it was more about decorating cakes – it was about investing in the lives of those individuals that sat around the tables spreading icing and sprinkles. This is one of the things that DayStar strives to focus on – intentionally building lasting relationships and investing in others.

Serpent River.
Whitefish First Nations (Birch Island).

Wow! Just to connect again this past summer, with those we have come to love “for Jesus’ sake”, was amazing!

There was a variety of teams connecting again – from “back to normal” programming, to smaller and more intimate backyard clubs, to suppers together to just visit, to a “weekend connect” – all to continually share the Gospel. 

Growing deeper into their lives, opens greater doors of placing Jesus before them and seeing them respond to the transforming life of God Himself. 

Please pray:

Pray as we plan for Summer 2023!

Youth Campout at the DayStar house

Only a 2 day/1 night event but it was AWESOME! 

“When are we doing this again?” 

It was an opportunity to speak into the lives of these teens with the HOPE that Jesus brings and have deep conversations about what that means.

It was worth the price of a “sleepless night”!

Two of our past interns joined us for the campout – great connecting points again.

Please pray:

Pray as we continue those conversations and meetings with the youth.


Such a joy to welcome students from Act FIVE in Hamilton, Ontario this past November, and provide them with a place to truly learn about the native community and how we as believers are called to share in a “side-by-side relationship” what Jesus is all about. 

It was awesome to see the “lights come on” as past thoughts were replaced by present reality in the context of just being with our fellow native people.

"I saw students learning to listen, learning to appreciate story as a way of teaching, and embracing the messages that made home in their hearts through these stories, though different for each person."
David Schuurman
Program Manager of Act Five

Read more about Act Five's week on Manitoulin

If you want to be part of an experience like this, we always welcome big groups and teams. Email us with a request to visit!

Update from Lou

Not just on “the island” but across the North. Lue is often overwhelmed by the needs, but God is faithful to supply and give comfort – LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS! 

Her reach is across many communities – from Sault St. Marie to Serpent River and Sagamok, and through the North Country with some fly in communities – all needing the touch of Jesus in practical ways and in spiritual conversation. 

Pray for her!

There is still time

to make a 2022 tax deductible donation to DayStar.

We recognize the complexity of our times – we know that each gift we receive comes as a result of a sacrificial decision. 

We rejoice with you, that the great God of Heaven still cares for each of us, meeting our needs. 

Thank you for sharing those gifts and resources.

Thank you for your faithfulness in praying for DayStar. We appreciate your partnership in connection in checking in with us individually, for praying, for visiting, and your financial gifts. We cannot do this alone and we are truly appreciative. Merry Christmas!

“Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God. Whenever I pray, I make my requests for all of you with joy, for you have been my partners in spreading the Good News about Christ from the time you first heard it until nowAnd I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns.”

Philippians 1:3-6 (NLT)